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- Dubrovnik 
- Međugorje
- Town of Korčula & Island of Mljet
- Mostar
- Split & Trogir 
Dubrovnik - Dubrovnik history  

This old town, surrounded by thick walls and towers, looks like a precious jewel immersed by the sea. This old town is also a treasure trove of beautiful architecture and works of art jealously preserved over the centuries. 
The beautiful palaces, old monasteries and churches, libraries, treasuries, as well as cobbled streets and squares are just part of what you can see and feel from the rich history of this city. 
Transportation by bus, hydrofoil, guide-escort, loco guide in Dubrovnik and entrance fees to the Dominican Monastery and the Rector's Palace included - Passport required. 
07:00 - Departure from Stari Grad by hydrofoil to Makarska. 08:30 - Continuation of travel by bus along the coast with a short break for rest and refreshment in Neum (BiH). 11:30 - Arrival in Dubrovnik, two-hour tour of the old city with professional guide, free time. 16:00 - Return to Makarska. 19:30 - Departure by hydrofoil to Stari Grad. 20:30 - Arrival in Hvar. 

Medjugorje - Our Lady's Shrine (Bosnia & Herzegovina) 

Deeply spiritual experience for all of those who wish to visit one of the most famous shrines of the Catholic world. Since 1981, in the village of Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Our Lady appears to the visionaries who are spreading her messages of peace to the world. Give witness to your faith in the place of pilgrimage of million believers from all around the world, who had left it spiritually renewed and restrengthen.
After the Holy Mass in the church of St. Jakov, climb the Apparition Hill where Our Lady first appeared to six young children. 
Transportation by hydrofoil and bus, tasting, entrance fee, guide-escort included - Passport required. 
07:00 - Departure from Stari Grad by hydrofoil to Makarska. 08:15 - Continuation of travel by bus along the Makarska Riviera, and over Vrgorac or Baćinska Lakes to Medjugorje. 10:30 - Arrival at the shrine, free time for attending the Mass, and climb to the Apparition Hill or Cross Mountain, if desired. 15:00 - Visiting ethno museum and lunch. 16:00 - Departure over Ljubuski and Vrgorac. 19:30 - Departure by hydrofoil to Stari Grad. 20:30 - Arrival in Hvar. 
Town of Korčula & Island of Mljet - birthplace of Marco Polo 

Located on a small peninsula, surrounded by walls and towers, Korčula is one of the most beautiful medieval towns on the Adriatic coast. In the 3rd century B.C., the island is inhabited by Greeks and named Korkyra Melaina due to the dense pine forests - Black Korčula. It is believed that the town of Korčula is the birthplace of Marco Polo, famous world traveler and travel writer. Visiting Korčula, walking through its picturesque streets and squares with Renaissance palaces, the city lodge and wonderful Cathedral of St. Mark, the patron of the city. 
The trip with hydrofoil includes a cruise along the Elafiti Islands and the Island of Mljet. 
The island of Mljet is one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic Sea, whose western part with the lakes was declared a national park in 1960 year. A walk through a thick pine forest leads us to the Small and the Great Lake, while enjoying the aromatic scents of the Mediterranean vegetation. Boat ride on the Great Lake to the islet of St. Mary with Benedictine monastery from the 12th century. Many famous Benedictine writers and scientists acted in the solitude of this beautiful monastery. Free time for swimming in the lake or walking. 
Transportation by bus, hydrofoil and boats, loco guide in Korčula with entrance fees to the Cathedral, Abbatial Treasury and the City Museum, entrance fees to the NP Mljet, guide-escort included.
07:00 - Departure from Stari Grad by hydrofoil over the Makarska to Korčula. 09:45 - Arrival in Korčula, old town sightseeing, free time. 12:30 - half-hour ride to the island of Mljet, tour to the NP with the tourist guide and boat ride to the island of St. Mary, free time for swimming and walking. 17:30 - Departure over the Korčula to Makarska for Stari Grad. 20:30 - Arrival in Hvar. 
Mostar - The Bridge that binds different cultures  

Different historical experiences marked this area as a meeting point of different cultural and religious influences, with traces clearly visible today. Drive to Neum along the coast and then through the picturesque delta of the Neretva River to Mostar. In the era of Ottoman empire, Mostar has developed on the banks of the Neretva River as an important trading center on the caravan route. Visit to the old part of town, who was in 2005 year included into the UNESCO list of world heritage with old elegant bridge with one arch, bazaar with traditional crafts, mosque and old Turkish house. On the way back, stop in Počitelj, small town - fortress situated on a hill along Neretva River with excellent preservation of oriental architecture.
Transportation by bus and hydrofoil, guide-escort, loco guide in Mostar, entrance fees for Koski Mehmed-pasha's Mosque and Turkish house or town museum included - Passport required. 
07:00 - Departure from Stari Grad by hydrofoil to Makarska. 08:15 - Continuation of travel by bus along the coast and the valley of the Neretva River to Mostar with a short break in Metković. 11:00 - Arrival in Mostar, around 11:00, town sightseeing with loco guide, free time. 15:30 - Return on the same route or via Vrgorac and Biokovo to Makarska. 19:30 - Return by hydrofoil to the Stari Grad. 20:30 - Arrival in Hvar. 
Split & Trogir - History and culture of the city of Split and Trogir  

Split is situated on a peninsula surrounded by historic towns and villages. We will walk from the Diocletian's Palace dating from 4th century to the ancient cellars, the Peristyle and Roman temples. Also, we will visit the Christian sanctuaries, the cathedrals and baptisteries, and then get to the famous Golden Gate. Visit of Split ends with leisure time and continuation of travel by bus to Trogir, a town included to the list of world cultural heritage under UNESCO protection. Trogir was founded on the ancient Tragurion village and is congested by buildings that testify its rich history. There is the cathedral with its portal of Master Radovan, city loggia from the 15th century, palace Ćipiko, Town Hall, and the Benedictine monastery from 1064 year that preserves the Greek relief of Kairos who, according to Greek mythology, was the god of fleeting moment. 
Transportation by hydrofoil, bus, entrance fees and tourist guide included. 
08:00 - Departure by hydrofoil from the port of Stari Grad to Split. 09:30 - Continuation of traveling by bus to Trogir, the old city sightseeing (The Cathedral of St. Lawrence) with the professional tourist guide, free time. 12:30 - Drive to the Split, the tour of Diocletian's Palace (basements, Cathedral of St. Lawrence, Temple of Jupiter), with guidance, free time. 18:30 - Departure of hydrofoil towards Stari Grad. 20:00 - Arrival in Hvar.

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